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 About Yasida

The second largest LED energy efficient lighting products manufacturer in China, even in the world, offers a complete suite of services and products including design and development, manufacturing, marketing and support services. At present, YaSiDa has constructed three modernized production plants, covering an area of 33,000 m2 (50 mu), with a total gross floor area of over 60,000 m2.

YaSiDa set up company development plan and brand strategy after its establishment. Ever since then, YaSiDa has experienced fast growth and gained significant economic and social profits by adhering to its corporate values, i.e., the spirit of “Devotion, Diligence and Innovation”, and the philosophy of “Honest Operation”. 
Due to years of hard work and extensive market experience, YaSiDa has sharpened its competitive edge and achieved great success with product availability in over 60 countries and regions. The trademark “JIAGE”, awarded as “Chinese Famous Brand”, has become a recognized and trustworthy brand in its field and enjoyed a high reputation among consumers.

In production management, YaSiDa is ISO9001-2000 certified. Its LED rechargeable product line includes: flashlight, searchlight, lamp, cap lamp, emergency lamp, miner's lamp, electronic mosquito swatter, etc., all of which are of good quality, meeting the national quality standard.
JIAGE is at the leading edge of technology innovation. Its pioneering products, such as double-switch LED rechargeable flashlight, LED rechargeable flashlight with bank note identifier, high-power LED super-light rechargeable flashlight, brought innovative breakthroughs to its field. JIAGE is committed to creating practical, reliable and energy-saving products, introducing real cost-efficient appliances to consumers.

Now in support of global effort to improve the environment, JIAGE, with advantages in energy-saving and environmental-friendliness, stays in the forefront of the energy-saving and environment protection field by sharing its products with consumers all around the world.

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